Bulletin Place

Bulletin Place, Numbers 16-18, is believed to be
the oldest commercial building still in use in Australia.

It was built by Mary Reiby, Australia's first
emancipated female convict, commencing in 1816.

It's worth knowing that the bricks, were imported
from Scotland, and original door from England.

The name "Bulletin" is derived from the fact that in those days, the "Herald" read the events of the day in the nearby park (today Macquarie Place) very close to Governor's Palace (today Loftus Street). It is rumoured that Mary Reiby was the mistress of the governor, which allowed her anything.

In fact she collected wool at Bulletin Place which
she traded for rum with the arriving ships.
As you know, rum at the time was used as currency
for trading. In brief, she accumulated great wealth
and later became a banker.

Afterwards, the property had various owners most
of them printers including the last one that founded
the paper "The Bulletin" (1880 ca) which is known
today as the "Bulletin Newsweekly" Magazine.

During the 1970's and 80's, for twenty years it was
the home of Len Evans Wines and became one
of the best known wines houses in Australia,
hosting great dinners and wine tasting.

Bulletin Place has returned to its glorious days,
with Alfredo's Authentic Italian Restaurant
""The Opera Night" Restaurant"".